Rod Radar is a technology R&D oriented company dedicated to real-time obstacle detection sensors

Our mission is to lead in the low-cost, high performance, high

complexity market and expand the application horizons of small

radars. Our first product, the Obstacle Warning Radar (OWR) for

low-flying aircraft, is already finding its way into the commercial


market. Our partners in this area are excited by our innovative process

of breaking the traditional high cost of sensor technologies.

We do this simply by exploiting the commodity-pricing of the

 microwave component base that underpins Cellular

communications, and by judicious choices in radar concept.

Our second product, the Live Dig Radar (RTGPR) for earth moving
equipment is also finding success through contracts with
well-known brands such as Caterpillar, Inc.

From the beginning the company’s outlook has been global in nature.

If our radar systems knowledge can synergistically combine with
your business needs or with your design and manufacturing
skills …then we invite you to join us in our relentless pursuit
of tomorrow.